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What to Do about Water Damage from a Leaky Toilet

Excess water around your toilet is never easy to deal with. If the water has been sitting for a long time, it could mean a lot of extra work. In addition to spreading germs, the water can cause a lot of damage to your flooring. The water soaks into the floor, rotting the joists and…

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Our Services in Atlanta Georgia

Has water damage ruined your carpet or Georgia home interior? If so, Triangle Legacy can help. We offer carpet cleaning services and water damage restoration services tailored to any budget. From water extraction to drying and dehumidification, we help restore normality to Georgia homes and businesses affected by flooding quickly. Residential and Commercial Water Damage…

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How to Improve the Air Quality at Job Sites

Comfort is an important part of any job site. If you want employees to be productive, you need them to feel at home in their surroundings. Air quality plays a huge role in how people feel about their environment. By focusing on improving air quality in all the indoor spaces of your workplace, you are…

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